Does dust on your furniture seem to appear immediately after you’ve cleaned it?

It’s possible because wooden and laminated surfaces attract tiny specks of dirt. Searching for a be-all end-all solution, we created a Furniture cream spray which perfectly cleans and conditions the furniture surface, protecting it from moisture and leaving an antistatic coat to prevent dust from building up. Avocado and rice oil as well as carnauba wax take care of your furniture giving it a slight sheen. An unique aromatic composition consisting of Siberian pine, bergamot and patchouli will fill your house with a pleasant scent of evergreen forest.


Why you will love it: it combines the qualities of a delicate, creamy emulsion with the convenience of a spray. Just spray the surface and wipe with a dry, soft cloth.

What you will be delighted about: a natural carnauba wax and emulsion containing avocado and rice oils will give your furniture a subtle sheen and refresh their colour. You can forget about smudges and streaks!

What you can clean with it: wooden varnished furniture, furniture protected by various means: antique, veneer, waxed, oiled, and made of wood-like materials (laminate and foil).

What smells so beautiful: fresh Siberian pine needles, green moss, pink pepper and sensual musk.

Recommended replaceable accessories: classic atomizer

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